An automobile accident is a stressful situation regardless if it’s your fault or not. A lot of people are so shaken up that they have difficulty remembering the details of how the accident happened. Here are five steps to help you get back on track.

1. Notify the police.
Always contact the police so a report can be filed in case there is a dispute about liability. Try not to move your car until the police arrive unless circumstances require.

2. Take photos.
Nearly everyone carries a cell phone that can take photos, so snap a few for documentation of the damage to both your vehicle and the other vehicle(s) involved. If your vehicle is equipped with a Dash Cam save that video evidence!

3. Exchange insurance information.
This will help speed up the resolution of your claim. An easy to capture this information is snap a photo of the other driver’s insurance card.

4. Stay calm.
Take a deep breath and remember ‘this is why you buy insurance.’

5. Notify your insurance carrier.
The sooner you can let your carrier know about the accident the better. This helps us get in contact with the parties involved and get accurate information so a liability decision can be made.

Unfortunately, there are situations where the accident is going to result in injury and you won’t be able to take these steps. Don’t worry, we’ll get it sorted out – that’s what we’re here to do. Your safety should be the first concern.