Pilot Car drivers work in a hazardous environment. Every day they face road-raged drivers while trying to navigate our interstates, highways, and back roads. They provide lead or chase services for oversize, extra-heavy, expensive freight all over the country, making sure the product arrives undamaged and on time. Often a high-pole is required to ensure safe passage under bridges/overpasses, which can be a treacherous task. Roads are repaved, bridges incorrectly marked, and height miscalculated which can result in devastating accidents that close roads and cause property damage in the millions. With the set of exposures faced by pilot car operators it’s no wonder the market for insurance is extremely tough.

Over the last few years several insurance companies have stopped writing pilot car insurance, or modified the policy to restrict liability coverage. Other markets limit the amount of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which could bankrupt a pilot car hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist. While it varies by state, statistics show that nearly 1 out of 3 drivers on the road today are uninsured or underinsured. Another real issue is the legal cost associated with an accident involving a commercial vehicle, including pilot cars. It seems like every other TV commercial is a law firm selling their services to anyone involved in an auto accident, and commercial autos are an easy target because they’re required to carry higher limits of liability.

These challenges can be difficult to understand for the consumer and pose huge threats to the success or failure of a business after a loss. What the pilot car industry needs is an insurance company that understands their exposures, and asks the right questions to get the “professionals” of the industry. The Pilot Car Insurance Program was developed by V. R. Williams & Company, an organization that has proven for over 100 years that the Independent Agency channel is the best way to get sound insurance advice. Through our solid carrier relationships we bring the Pilot Car Insurance Program to the industry. The program was designed for ‘Professional’ pilot car owner/operators who take their responsibilities to the trucking companies and public very seriously. We offer a comprehensive policy with expertise and claims service to back it up. If you are a “Pilot Car Professional” we would like to talk. Give us a call today!