Every pilot/escort vehicle on the road today should have a front/rear dash camera system with voice recording. These cameras record HD quality video and voice(s) inside the vehicle for under $200 per device.

Benefits of Dash Cam Technology Include:

  • Video evidence to defend against false liability claims made against your company. Commercial vehicles, including pilot cars, are a target for attorneys.
  • Voice recording to confirm your actions before and after an event or accident.
  • Create accountability for employees operating a company pilot car. Your employees are more likely to observe good driving habits if they know their actions are being recorded.
  • Record high pole as it travels under bridges/overpasses/wires.
  • Document hazards created by other vehicles on the road. We have seen numerous accidents caused by other vehicles. With video documentation we can pursue the at-fault party.
  • Added security to protect the equipment in and on your vehicle. Record vandalism or theft while away from your vehicle.
  • Provide documentation to avoid traffic citation or legal action.

In many cases the outcome of a claim is determined by police reports (written after the accident) and witness statements, which at times can be unreliable. Protect your company, reputation, driver, and insurance provider by installing a dash cam with voice recording – it could save your business!